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HI(er) Learning

The path to better fitness & health is more black and white than we’re typically led to believe.  It basically comes down to active living, eating well, and creating balance in lifestyle.  Where it often becomes complicated is in the delivery.

The fitness & health industry has a habit of pulling a heavy wool over the eyes of the public, and with so much information, and misinformation to wade through, finding your way can be tedious and overwhelming.

How many times will we come across the best workout for “burning fat”.  How many more super-foods, magic pills, and diets can we swallow?   5-minute abs, 90-day body, top 10 exercises to lose your gut…  We chase our fitness & health like headless chickens: running around with no real direction, ready to eat anything with open throats.  The truth is, it’s much more simple than this.


The vision of this blog is to help lift the wool, to help you find the way.  


Your way.


 To greater fitness and lasting health.


However we cannot hold the “industry” solely responsible for the state of our fitness & health.   In order to succeed we must take ownership of our own fitness & health.  However, with all the confusion out there, it would be great to know how to get there.


The mission of this blog is to educate, empower and inspire.


Healthful Insights aims to tidy the unsightly business of fitness & health by showing you what works, and explaining why; demystified.  To help clean up the clutter, myths will be dispelled and discarded.  With the know-how and know-why, you will gain the confidence to take control of our own fitness & health and a new sense of motivation to take charge.

Our health, our bodies, there should be no secrets, there should be no mysteries.


Healthful Insights values integrity.


You will not find endorsements for gimmicks and fads unproven to work.  Garbage.  You will not find photos of half naked, glistening rippling bodies enticing you to want to be them.  Pointless.  You will find realistic and practical approaches, accessible and applicable to your unique fitness & health goals (and genetics).  Invaluable.


The HI Step

We are each responsible for our own fitness & health, there are resources to help, but only we can make the decision to move forward and there are no shortcuts;  only dedication, consistency, and finding what works for you will get you there.

Healthful Insights is just one step on the path, it is not intended to provide all the answers, but instead point you in the right direction.  Take what you want from it, leave what you don’t.  What is written about here is only one way, not the way, but hopefully it will help you find your way.

The posts you’ll find here are my opinions based on research, education, and experience – they are open for exploration, criticism (constructive), and inquiry.  Let me know what you think, ask questions, offer suggestions.  Let’s help each other help ourselves to greater fitness and lasting health.

Thanks for reading, it’s good to have you.

Just Sayin’. jared