“HI” from Me

I am a simple guy.

I am a loving and devoted husband and father.

I am a fitness fanatic, karate nut, and a yogi’k.

I am a certified personal trainer, martial arts & yoga instructor.

I want love to ride my bicycle, it makes me feel free.  I seek out hills, because they all have a crest.  Hiking, climbing, and jumping into water, are all good times. Punching and kicking, stretching and mobilizing, sitting and breathing, all restore and renew me.  I push for aching muscles, burning lungs, and a pounding heart, because they remind me I have a body that works for me.  My body is my greatest tool, and movement is my expression of who I am.

I love food, to cook and dine out.  I fuel myself, primarily, with plant-based whole foods and aitch two oh, because it makes me feel goooooood, but I always leave room to balance and moderate with the “other stuff”, because I appreciate that food is both nourishment and enjoyment.

I am always grateful for good health.  My pursuit of fitness & heath has been my elixir of youth.  I take care of myself as best I can so I can continue to enjoy my days, into my daze, how I want, with the ones I love.

I’m not afraid of getting older,

and I don’t plan on older getting me…

“The Fitness & Health Thinker”

I “act” my age when I have to.  I think people watch too much TV.  I think adults should engage in play as often as possible.

I believe in the potential within us all to realize our best selves in fitness & health, and that it can be enjoyable for everyone; sometimes we just need a hand with the know-how.  I’m a fan of hard work and say boo to excuses and shortcuts, the key is patience and perseverance.

I’m thankful that my obsession in fitness & health led me to higher education, and I’m keen to share my knowledge and experience with as many as I can.  I love to teach, and I love to learn.

I’m often deep in thought, considering fitness & health and how to help others.  I hope this blog, in some way, will help you.

Nice to meet you.

Just Sayin’. jared


My home is the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

In the area?  Stop-by!  Not in the area?  Drop me a line!