PREhabilitation, Health Reclamation and Lifestyle Optimization

Ever wondered what personal training’s all about?  Who it’s for or how it could benefit you?

First, take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a training session…

Lego Lifter

Is that all you got!? source



What came to mind?




An oversized, muscle bound trainer, screaming at you to drop and give them 20? The sound of yourself gasping for air, making grunting noises you never knew you could, and perhaps cursing in utter disdain of your situation?  The stench of old gym clothes, dirty equipment, and the lingering odours of those who trained before you?  The saltiness of your sweat in your already parched mouth, sugary energy drinks and chalky protein shakes as you try to choke them down?  The itch of perspiration breaking the surface of your skin, a queasy uneasy feeling in your gut, and three days of aching and sore muscles that follow?


Personal training is NOT THIS.


At least it doesn’t have to be.  You’re likely able to find this “style”, if that’s what you’re in to, but I encourage you to read on if you’re not.  Personal training is so much more, so much better…

The time you allot to pursue greater fitness & health shouldn’t be punishing, and shouldn’t be just about losing some pounds.  It should be something that you look forward to, not dread.  It should be about a lifestyle change that improves all aspects of your life.

It’s focused time for you, where you can shut off your brain and work toward your fitness goals.  It’s having an expert in the field of fitness & healthmake the most of the time you spend on yours.  It’s about finding realistic solutions for your specific needs, it’s about results, and it’s about rewarding experiences.

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Personal training IS THIS.


Why not make the inclusion of exercise into your life enjoyable and worthwhile?


3 Great Reasons

for Personal Training



This is for those settling into, or already deep into, a career.   You’re looking ahead and recognize the value of maintaining your health so you can be your best at work, outside of work, and when you eventually retire and are through with work!

Beneficial regardless of the type of work you do:

  • Sedentary:

Desk jockeys behind screens, vehicle operators behind the wheel, doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.  Besides pencil pushing and mouse clicking, commuting to work and the water cooler, youexperience little activity during your day.  It’s not your choice, but it’s your job, and if allowed to continue throughout your career you’ll bear little resemblance to the young go-getter you were when the world was your oyster.   Shuck that!  Your life is busy – you need to schedule in exercise and ensure that it’s the most efficient and effective use of your time.

  • Active:

Whether hard labour, repetitive tasks, or even athletic work, your body needs some TLC to balance your work, which likely favours certain areas over others.  Not to mention your body is your job and your livelihood.  You need to keep it in top working order so you can give your best all the way to your well-deserved retirement.


Perfect too for parents or parents-to-be; child-rearing is a full-time job, as demanding as any.  You want to keep up with your kids throughout the years and have the energy and ability to enjoy activities as a family.  And then with your grandchildren…

Personal training: The greatest investment for your future.


Health Reclamation

This is for those of you that are on the other side: your career is over, or nearing the end, plus the nest is empty – it’s YOU time!  But alas, as the dust settles, you realize that your health took a back seat during the rat race.   Perhaps you didn’t have the foresight before it all began and you let it slip… good news, it’s never too late to start, and you finally have the time (start now and experience getting younger each year)!   Time to reclaim your health, enjoy the fruits of your labour, and finally pursue all those things you’ve wanted to try but were too busy to do.

Personal training: Freedom 55-105.


 Lifestyle Optimization

Really what it’s all about.  All-encompassing, functional exercise and training for your lifestyle.

What you do in the gym supports what you do (or want to do), outside of the gym, allowing you the freedom and ease to perform the activities you need and want to do in work, recreation or otherwise.

Personal Training: for Life.


There you have it.  3 solid reasons to pursue personal training.

Yippee! source

Do any of these speak to you?


Enter the Trainer.


Close your eyes again.  Visualize the following:

Your trainer is motivating, educating and empowering you.  You’re working hard, in a comfortable setting, enjoying time that’s designed just for you.   You’re not just “pumping iron” but you’re developing skills, gaining strength and becoming more flexible.  Your heart is pumping hard, you’re breathing deeply, and it feels good and healthy.  Your posture is better; you have more mobility; your core is strong; you’re balanced and stable.

You are feeling your best.

This is personal training.  This is good.

Just sayin’.



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