The Functional Squat

Many cultures utilize this posture in daily life: eating, reading, cooking, house work, even resting.  The “yoga squat” 🧘🏾‍♀️ or Malasana (Garland Pose), is a natural position, once available to us all, but many have lost their ability due to years of sitting in chairs. 🛋

Regaining this ability will promote many health benefits 💪🏽 including, but not limited to:

✔️Overall mobility for healthy backs/spines, hips, knees & ankles
✔️Reduced incidence of joint pain and injury
✔️Digestive benefits
✔️Strength for pregnancy

In a nutshell 🥜: chest open & lifted, long spine, shoulders back & down, chin tucked, neck/spine in-line, open hips, knees out, toes forward or slightly turned out, heels on the floor.

Ultimately, it’s not too late ⏳ to retrain a functional squat – an impossibility for me in my 20’s but I got it back!  There are many progressions to achieve this posture if it’s not immediately accessible, and a qualified fitness professional can help you get there safely.  And once you can, I recommend accumulating a minimum of 2-5min throughout your day in this pose to maintain and gain!

Happy squatting!!!

Just Sayin’. jared


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